Porsche 993 GT2 test drive: snow time

The 993 GT2 is one of the most special homologation 911s. We test its mettle with an unforgettable Alpine drive to discover if it is the best from the 1990s.

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Porsche 996 GT2

Sales Spotlight: Porsche 996.2 GT2

After starring in Total 911’s 2015 collectors’ special, one of the last right-hand drive Porsche 996 GT2 Mk2s has come up for sale and, despite the recent price hikes, it still seems like good value…

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993 GT2 rear arch

Porsche 993 GT2: the finer details

As with any Porsche built under the watchful guide of Weissach’s finest, the 993 GT2 features many exquisite details. We take you through some of our favourites.

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Silver Porsche 993 GT2

Porsche 993 GT2: Ultimate Guide

With rarity and a motorsport pedigree on its side, not to mention blistering performance, the 993 GT3 goes under the microscope for Total 911’s latest Ultimate Guide.

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