Porsche 993 GT2 Evo: The rawest of them all

I think it is only appropriate to start this feature with the comments first muttered to me by this car’s current custodian, a Porsche collector and racer. “It is the most pure, brutal, rawest production Porsche I have ever driven in my life,” he says, and I can’t wait to find out if he’s right.

This particular example started life as one of those original Clubsport versions, and as you’ll now know, the Clubsport is stripped of any unnecessary interior comforts. There are no carpets, air conditioning, or sound deadening to speak of.

The interior and roll cage is painted the same colour as the exterior, while safety equipment includes a driver’s harness, a battery kill switch and racing bucket seats. In place of the dual-mass flywheel, the Clubsport came with a clutch disc with torsional dampers, reducing weight even further.


Other standard GT2 fittings included the race-inspired, three-piece, magnesium five-spoke Speedline alloy wheels. Bending down on my knees, I place my thumb between the extended wheel arch and the tyre, and it’s a snug fit – that’s how much clearance there is.

The 993 GT2 also featured power steering, but Porsche gave it a more direct ratio, which we will discuss shortly. Up front, the suspension towers are connected with a strut brace, needed to keep this car stiff for the track, while the battery is mounted as low down as possible to reduce the car’s centre of gravity.

Yet, as this is a car also applicable for the road, there’s a space saver fixed to the floor! However, the single most important fact about the Clubsport is that the shell was the same unit as used for the GT2 race car.


And as we mentioned earlier, this is no ordinary Clubsport; the first owner, who was a regular client of Porsche at the time, specified some Evo modifications to his car.

This particular specimen then was ordered with the high rear wing and with an adjustable front antiroll bar mounted beneath the front seats, rather than beneath the front bonnet.

Of course, the true 993 GT2 Evo was offered from 1996 for customers with GT2 racing cars. This updated racer featured aerodynamic, software and mechanical updates. Of these options, the owner opted for the Evo front bumper (with more vents offering better cooling) and a new splitter to better control air flow, as well as the all-important suspension modifications.

You can read our full 993 GT2 Evo test drive in Total 911 issue 121, available to order online for just £2.25. Alternatively, download it straight to your digital device now.

993 GT2 Evo

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