EXCLUSIVE: New Porsche 991 GT2 RS test mule spied

We’ve got a confession to make. We first received some of these photos two weeks ago. However, at first we just believed it to be another Porsche 991 Turbo test mule testing out some new under-the-skin wizardry.

However, our spies in Sweden have now confirmed that this isn’t just any 911 Turbo. This is actually an early prototype for the new Porsche 991 GT2 RS. Yes, the on-again, off-again Widowmaker saga is very much back on the burner.

At the 911 R’s Geneva launch, Andreas Preuninger confirmed that his GT department in Weissach still had a few more cars to develop before the 991 platform was grandfathered and didn’t deny that a new GT2 RS was one such car.

Porsche 991 GT2 mule 6
Photo by CarPix AB

There’s not much given away visually by this test mule. The black bonnet could be Porsche’s wry sense of humour showing through; the 997 GT2 RS came with an unpainted carbon fibre bonnet after all.

It’s at the rear where the biggest indicator that this isn’t just a Turbo can be found. This test mule is running a unique quad exhaust setup with some unusual, perforated exhaust tips.

The system no doubt helps the heavily boosted GT2 engine to breath better (although the cold Swedish air probably helped matters too as the test mule underwent some winter hacking).

Porsche 991 GT2 mule 3
Photo by CarPix AB

You can see that the exhaust system is actually so big that Porsche has had to cut away the bottom of the rear bumper just to make it fit. Hopefully this means that, when it is released (likely to be in late 2017), the 991 GT2 RS is more tuneful than the current crop of 911 Turbos.

Rumours have it that the next widowmaker will comfortably outdo its 997 ancestor in the power stakes; the word on the street is that the 991 GT2 RS will have 700hp fed exclusively through the rear wheels.

What’s more, we’d be surprised if Porsche didn’t call the new six-speed gearbox (developed for the 991 R) into action again on the next GT2 RS, possibly alongside a PDK option.

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Porsche 991 GT2 mule 2
Photo by CarPix AB

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