Sales Spotlight: Porsche 996.2 GT2

Last year, in issue 126, we put together a 30-strong selection of the best collector’s Porsche 911s, the cars that we thought would provide an enjoyable ownership experience coupled with the potential to increase in value.

Of the cars on that 2015 list, none have proved us right more than the Porsche 996 GT2. Over the past 12 months, values of the first water-cooled widowmaker have more than doubled, now sitting north of £120,000.

As part of our cover feature in issue 126, we assembled the five Porsche 911 ‘icons’ that we felt would provide the safest investments. Among the quintet, was a Guards Red 996 GT2 from independent specialist, Paul Stephens, the very car you see before you here.

Porsche 996 GT2 engine

That’s right, this is the very Porsche 996 GT2 we used to announce that water-cooled widowmakers were set for a jump in value. Now priced at £159,995, some people may wish we were wrong with our prediction however, the asking price means the 996 still falls a long way short of the incredible 993 GT2 values.

Compared to the early 996 GT2s, the Mk2 examples – released for the final year of production in 2004 – featured even more power (483bhp) from the twin turbocharged, 3.6-litre Mezger motor but were still bereft of electronic controls.

The 996.2 GT2 also featured a number of minor styling revisions, including new alloys wheels while it also benefitted from altered suspension settings that attempted to help tame the widowmaker on bumpier roads.

Porsche 996 GT2 interior

Finished in Guards Red, Paul Stephens’ example is undoubtedly one of the most alluring Porsche 996s around. Inside, the interior benefits from a number of carbon fibre options, including the carbon-backed bucket seats.

Just 16 right-hand drive Porsche 996 GT2s were delivered to the UK in 2004 (and four of those are believed to be Mk1 examples), making this Mk2 variant a very rare – and desirable – GT Neunelfer, which probably still has some room for a further price hike in the future.

To see more of this Porsche 996.2 GT2, or any of the other superb Porsche 911s in Paul Stephens’ stock, check out the independent specialist’s website now.

Porsche 996 GT2 rear

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