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Best of the base 911 Carrera

The ‘Carrera’ name once stood at the top of the 911 lineup, yet today it denotes Porsche’s base model. But are we missing a trick? Total 911 explores the 997, 991 and 992 generations to decipher if the base is best

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The $500 911S

McKeel Hagerty shows Total 911 his first car: a 1967 911S he bought for $500 aged 13, restored with his father, and still owns today

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cars to buy in 2021

The overs market is dead, and Porsches across the board are priced to sell – which means there’s never been a better time for the enthusiast to fulfil that lifelong dream of buying their ultimate 911. Total 911 presents the best-value models to buy right now…

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