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Gunther Werks 400R driven: best ever 993?

Gunther Werks comes out of nowhere and produces a stunning rework of the last air-cooled Porsche. But does it make for a good drive? Total 911’s Kyle Fortune is the first journalist in the world to get behind the wheel of this re-imagined Neunelfer

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Rare 997s: six special editions

In a golden two years of production, Porsche lavished enthusiasts with a stream of noteworthy Neunelfers destined to be instant classics. Total 911 brings you these six special run-out models and assesses their brilliance

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Diamonds in the Ruf

Yellow Bird aside, RUF has always been a quiet, enigmatic manufacturer, loved by its discerning customers. Total 911 assesses the merit of what is surely the most legendary Porsche tuner of all time

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