cars to buy in 2021

2020. Who knew? Buoyed with positivity at the beginning of last year, a global pandemic and a sub-optimal Brexit has impacted on the car market, though as Paragon’s Mark Sumpter says: “The honest answer from any car dealer is we cannot read the market presently.” That’s not to say it’s not moving, Sumpter adding: “This week we’d want to buy 2015-year 991s, because we sold three last week.”

Brexit might not have been the perfect resolution, but all the specialists we’ve spoken to admit that at least with it done there’s a bit less uncertainty out there, the possible difficulties ahead because of it presenting more of a short-term chicane than a roadblock. Indeed, all our specialists admit that now it’s passed, there’s something of a pent-up demand from some buyers who’d been biding their time.

Even with the huge impact of a global pandemic playing havoc with what was once normal, the trade has adapted and diversified, meaning it’s certainly not a static or declining market; cars are selling, and selling well, crucially to willing, informed buyers. Karl Meyer of ThePorscheBuyer.com admits: “We expected it [COVID-19] to decimate the car market, but it just didn’t happen, people are still buying Porsches. A lot of people are bored, haven’t had holidays and are having a bit of a ‘what the hell’ moment and buying their dream cars now.”

That’s also echoed by Jonathan Franklin of Jonathan Franklin Cars, who adds: “The market has had a bit of a correction, but it’s still busy. Porsche tends to buck trends, and as a manufacturer they are the safest cars to put your money in, so long as you pick the right one.”

But what’s the right one in the current conditions? We’ve asked a range of specialists to pick from 911s in three different price spheres and advise on where to spend your money…

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