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  • the steering wheel!

  • whoops, i mean its only got 3 gauges

  • Correct! Next question, why?

  • Marc

    Looks like oil pressure, temp and fuel are all on one gauge instead of two. I’ve never seen that before. They also did away with the clock.

    Looks a little funny, but it works for me.

  • TC

    It’s a 912.

  • No, it’s not!

  • Speed Racer

    It’s a 944 dash?

  • No, that’s not it either. 🙂

  • Helen Goff

    it’s electric ?

  • Nope

  • IXXI


    3 Gauge Cluster was often used by Dr Bott´s factory rides and aviable for Porsche Clubsports. When Bott´s rides where sold off mostly Porsche swaped to normal 5 Gauge Instrumentation the sheet metal holes are allready under the Skai Skin. Other 3 Gauge Cenral Cluster Fan was Mr Porsche himself.
    Mr Porsche and Bott liked to drive with big Steeringwheels wich keeps visibilty nice to the center Instruments if you are not grown over 5 foot and some stones. With a Sportsteeringwheel a tal-boy will find the 5 Instrument cluster to be the better option.

    Yet shown Car ain´t a typial Clubsport. Based on the 300 km/h Speedo and added useless Extras like full Velour carpet, Radio, Glove Box Door, 84 standard seat in full fabric. However the Passenger Storagebin/Armrest lid seems missing.

    A side Story ist that some Porsche Engineers wore watches so they didn´t need the Dash-Clock, most famous is the mid 70´s Rolex Advert with Porsche Head of Quality Cickerle (and later Head of Transaxle Fabrication at NSU).
    In the same Time F.A.Porsche had a Contract with IWC (then owned by german VDO-Kienzle company, jep the same Company delivering the Porsche Car Clocks) and Mr Botts personal watch was a prewar Driverswatch from the Grün Company (wich are relatet to deliver Designs and Calibers to Rolex but that´s a other story).


  • Andreas JB(Norway)

    easy, the car dosent have a center console! and the gauges are rather odd I think. the steering wheel is from a 964 maybe.. other then that, I can’t seem to find anything unusual. Thanks for a great magazine!

  • series9parts

    How about the 300 KPH

  • series9parts

    And there are 3 readings for oil

  • OK, time to put you all out of your misery.

    This is, in fact, the cockpit prototype Carrera Club Sport, which was built in 1984 and has recently been tried to a light restoration by the Porsche Museum, where this photo was taken.

    Apparently, at this time it was usual for 911 prototypes to have just three dials. The reasons suggested for this include to save money (which seems unlikely) and to make space for additional testing equipment, which is possible. GrĂĽsse’s comments here are also very interesting – thanks for those.

    We’ve got a full feature on the Club Sport and one on this prototype coming up in Total 911.


  • My car also has a three-gauge dash. I dumped the useless oil gauge and had a oil temp, oil pressure and fuel gauge made for it as my 40th birthday present to myself. Plan is to bookend the three gauges with a pair of face vents. At the mo has an original RSR clock blank in it.