Watch Magnus Walker’s most in-depth interview yet

Magnus Walker is a name that the vast majority of Total 911 readers will know. Not only did the self-styled Urban Outlaw guest edit our 100th issue, he is also a regular contributor in our Living the Legend section.

The expat Brit with a serious Porsche addiction has seen his popularity rise stratospherically in the last few years, thanks in part to the excellent ‘Urban Outlaw’ documentary released back in the summer of 2012.

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However, if you’re not that familiar with Magnus and his raft of stock and modified Porsche 911s, you’ll want to sit down and watch this incredibly in-depth interview with the man himself where he discusses his life and inspirations.

You may want to skip the first 5m53s before the interview proper begins; the spinning camera made us feel slightly queasy. But, it doesn’t detract from what is a fascinating insight into the Magnus’ life and love for Porsche.

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