Video: 100 Porsche 911s cross Sydney Harbour Bridge

It’s just after 8:00am on Sunday 15 September, and the usual Sydney Harbour Bridge traffic jam is in full swing. Except, this isn’t any ordinary queue of traffic.

As part of the Porsche 911:50 celebrations, Porsche Cars Australia decided to organise a parade of 50 Porsche 911s to cross Sydney Harbour Bridge. The only thing was, interest from members of the Porsche Club New South Wales was so high, entries were eventually capped at 100 cars.

Led across the bridge by Stuttgart’s own ‘World Tour 911’, the convoy made for an incredible early morning sight for the residents (and fellow motorists) of Sydney.

Having already visited Paris, Geneva, Stuttgart, Shanghai, London, Sao Paulo, and now Sydney, you would think it’s time for the 1967 Porsche 911 to have a break from its global backpacking.

But no, visits to Tokyo, Singapore, and Los Angeles are still planned before the car returns to Stuttgart. There can’t be many 911s with such a globetrotting history.

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