Total 911’s seven favourite modified Porsche 911s

The various Porsche 911s that have rolled straight out of Zuffenhausen over the years have all, in their own ways, been fantastic sports cars. However, that doesn’t mean that people haven’t tried to put their own stamp on their neunelfer.

One of the great things about the 911 is how easy it is to modify and tune (especially the air-cooled generation where many parts are interchangeable whether the car is 30 or 50 years old).

We’ve decided to pick our super seven favourites to show that a 911 doesn’t have to be, in Magnus Walker’s words, “bone stock” to be exciting.

7) Magnus Walker’s 1972 Porsche 911 STR II
Magnus STR II

We know that some of you think we idolise the Urban Outlaw too much but, love him or loathe him, Magnus Walker knows how to set and develop a trend. His STR II build caught the imagination of many, with its Brumos-inspired colour scheme, replica Campagnolo wheels and classic wide body stance.

6) RWB 964 ‘Pandora One’
RWB Pandora One

Over the years, Nakai-san built up a fearsome reputation as an uncompromising 911 modifier in Japan. However, it was the lurid green ‘Pandora One’ 964 that brought him into the mainstream in 2011 as the first RWB 911 built in the USA. It’s GT2/RSR-style wide body and turbocharged engine really set this build apart.

5) DP Motorsport DP935

Ekkehard Zimmermann’s DP Motorsport has been building slantnose 911s before Porsche thought it was cool. Inspired by the 935s (DP built the bodywork for the 1979 Le Mans-winning K3), the DP935 series was a close to the original racer as possible.

4) SharkWerks Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.1
SharkWerks GT3 RS 4

Built out of one of Porsche’s latest, greatest icons – the 997 GT3 RS 3.8 – SharkWerks added a Gulf inspired colour scheme before boring out the engine to 4.1 litres. That’s right, if you thought Porsche’s GT3 RS 4.0 was good, SharkWerks’ RS 4.1 is naturally that little bit better.


Any discussion of modified Porsche 911s couldn’t be had without a mention of RUF (a company so prolific they are actually designated a true manufacturer). Alois Ruf’s company is always innovating, often implementing new technology before Porsche. The turbocharged CTR is the granddaddy – the fastest car in the world in 1987.

2) Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer

Every modified Porsche 911 is unique to the owner. That’s what’s so great about them. However, Singer Vehicle Design takes it that one step further with a level of detail that borders on the insane. Their reimagined Porsche 964s don’t come cheap, but the world really is your oyster and the finished product is always jaw-droppingly beautiful.

1) R Gruppe Porsche 911s
R Gruppe

Okay, we’ve copped out and, instead of choosing a single modified Porsche 911 as our number one, we’ve plumped for a whole (R) group of them. R Gruppe, the counter-culture band of hot-rodders formed by the enigmatic Chris Huergas, truly embodies what tuning should all be about: personality and passion. Nobody does it better.

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