Total 911’s essential road trip kit list

As we roll into autumn we’ve been hit with some unseasonably warm weather in recent days. In fact, conditions have been so good you have started planning a last-minute getaway before we truly head into the dark nights of winter.

After all, with some dry roads and plenty of sun, this is the perfect opportunity to have one last blast in your Porsche 911 away from the usual holiday traffic that summer road trips are often accompanied by.

To help you, we’ve decided to put together our essential road trip kit list, ensuring that you’re fully prepared for any adventures that lie ahead:

Wolsey pique polo – £60
Wolseley Polo

You’ve been driving for hours, with the sun beating through the windows, and your top is now starting to stick to you and your leather seats; we all know this feeling.

However, this temperature regulating polo shirt from Wolsey – one of the UK’s oldest textile companies – features a channelling surface that helps wick moisture away from your body when you’re hot. What’s more, the fibres have a hollow core, helping to insulate you during colder days.
Available from www.john-anthony.com

Swims loafers – £105

When driving long distances, you’ll appreciate a decent pair of shoes that help you work the pedals and look good outside of the car. So, step forward the Swims loafers.

Designed in Norway, their lightweight construction makes them feel almost invisible when driving, yet the high-grip rubber sole (which rolls onto the heel) provides plenty of purchase on the pedals. The mesh upper section provides plenty of breathability for your feet too. Their futuristic style is a perfect blend of traditional design and modern functionality.
Available from www.john-anthony.com

Road Angel Gem+ – £159.99

If you’re embarking on a road trip the chances are, at some point on your journey, you’ll encounter a speed camera. To ensure that you don’t get caught out, the Road Angel Gem+ features the UK’s number one database of safety camera locations, alerting you to their presence.

You can also add new locations to the database live via the device, helping to warn other motorists. Be warned though, if you’re venturing into Europe, laser detection devices such as the Road Angel are illegal.
Available from www.roadangelgroup.com

GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition – £249.99

Memories of an incredible road trip will last forever, especially if you fi lm them. Here at Total 911 we use a couple of GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Editions because of their superb video quality, range of mounts and tough build quality.

Although the Hero 3+ has now been usurped by the Hero 4, the former still shoots 1080p video at up to 60fps. There are also a number of photo modes that will help you capture the awesome roads and stunning vistas you encounter.
Available from shop-gopro.com

J Lindeberg gym bag – £185

A true road trip requires at least one overnight stop. Therefore, you’ll need to pack some necessary toiletries and a spare pair of clothes. This gym-style bag from J Lindeberg is the ideal travel partner.

Large enough for a long weekend away, yet small enough to stash behind the seats of a 911, its nylon construction makes it incredibly hard-wearing while there are numerous pockets (both inside and out) in which to store all your sundries.
Available from www.john-anthony.com

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