Total 911 iPad Porsche wallpapers – free to download! UPDATED


There are two sets – desktop backgrounds which we’ve kept deliberately plain so they don’t distract from your app icons, plus more colourful images to put on your lockscreen (although, of course, feel free to swap them around).

To install one of the wallpapers, ctrl/right-click the links below and save the file to your computer. Then either add them to iPhoto and sync them to your iPad or email them to yourself and apply them as a wallpaper from there. Or, if you’re reading this post on an iPad, click the link and then tap and hold on the image to save it.

And even if you don’t have an iPad, take a look at the images. If you like Porsches, you’ll love these!

Desktop background

RSR in orange

934.5 split screen

Porsche badge on carbon

997 Turbo S v GT2 RS

Topless Turbo

Ultimate 964

959 v Ferrari 288

959 – the ultimate

Californian sunset

Classic 911L rally

Stealth black

Snow white

Whaletail red

996 purity

Classic 911S

Cobalt Carrera

Not so mellow yellow

Lockscreen backgrounds

Turbo S slipping

997 dream drive

959 v Ferrari 288

Flatnose 930

993 Turbo in black

RS duo


Wild, wild Turbos

Cutting a dash

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