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  • jay


  • Hi, the T stood for Touring and it was the entry-level 911.



  • Dr Steve McKenzie MD


    Love the magazine (I get it religiously), but need to correct you about the “997..The complete guide” in last issue (I’m sure you’ve gotten some feed back) but the 997 CS came in the narrow body.

    I had a misfortunate accident with my 997 CS (a little old lady took out the front end) and while it was in the shop, I had a Techart front spoiler put on, a Evo supercharger and turned it into a wide body with Carrera 4S rear fenders(…the guys at the body shop couldn’t believe that I was willing to spend $10,000.00 to add an extra 2.5 inches in the rear fender width, I asked them if there wives would be willing to pay $10,000.00 for an extra 2.5 inches…they understood).

    You see the 997 Carrera S comes in narrow body. After putting a Carrera 4 (or 4S) wide body rear fenders on, a Carrera 4 (or 4S) wider rear bumper on, GT3 RS bottom side pieces,then to finish it off, I needed to put rear wheel spacers to fill out the wheel wells.

    Your data file (in the back of the magazine also alludes to the incorrect width of a 997 Carrera S as well, all the wide bodies are:
    -Carrea 4
    -Carrera 4S
    -Targa variants
    -GT3 RS (the GT3 is a narrow body)

    Dr McKenzie California, USA

    PS It took me near a year to recover while my “outlaw 911” was recovered in about 4 months…it’s hospital bill was bigger than mine!!

  • Hi, thanks for pointing this out. We had already spotted the mistake and printed a correction in the next issue. Don’t know what came over us!

  • Dear Phill just read Stewert57s comments on the 996.I to have wanted a 911 from the day my father gave me the corgi 911 as an 8 year old boy.After much hard work Ifound myself in the position of being able to get my first 911 a 2002 996 carrera 4.I have to say it was every thing i expected of a 911 and more it did not disapoint all the years of waiting as its a fantastic vehicle.I am just glad that i got the 996 before reading to many negitive comments on this so called unloved 911.Maybe a few more people should try one .As for my own 8 year old son he thinks the 996 is the dogs dangly bits, wonder what model 911 he will by driving at my age.
    Regards David Green (Fantastic mag by the way)

  • Dear phill just had an idear for the mag why not take the owner of a water cooled 911 and the owner of an air cooled 911 that have not driven the other and get there first impressions/veiws on the others cars or have i missed that in a past copy of the mag.

  • Hi David,

    Thanks for your comments. Why not join in the chat in the forum –



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    Probably because it’s the WORST PORSCHE FORUM EVER!
    Page does not even EXIST!

  • Jay Campbell

    When I open the door of my 2002 996 convertible, the window drops 1 cm. It should stay down in order to clear the convertible top upon closing. When I let go of the door handle (inside or outside handle), the window pops up again and the window will bang against the top. Is it the door handle mechanism? Where should I look first to repair it? Thanks.