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In the first of a series of bookazines covering everything you need to know about the Porsche 911, the Total 911  provides you with the ultimate guide to the 991.

We take a first look at the Porsche 911 Carrera, take a drive in the new Cabriolet, and see what the Porsche 991 is like to live with everyday (including opinions on Porsche’s revised PDK gearbox).

If you like your Porsche 911 to have four-wheel drive, there is also an in depth look at the new Carrera 4.

Whether you already own one, are looking to buy, or just love the new Porsche offering, this is the ultimate guide to Stuttgart’s newest addition to the 911 legend.

991 Cabriolet Launch

The rise of the Porsche 964 is explained, reminding you of this forgotten classic 911 and, if modified Porsche’s are more your thing, Rauh Welt Begriff’s incredible Pandora One build, the first American RWB offering, is given a closer inspection.

Also included is a look at the world of classic Porsche 911s, including the rare 993 Carrera Clubsport, and a remarkably original 2.4S. To further whet your Stuttgart appetite, we experience the Nurburgring Oldtimer motorsport event, and get behind the wheel of an incredible collection of racing Porsches.

Volume 1 of Total 911‘s ultimate guide bookazine is currently on sale now. Pick up your copy from the Imagine Shop.

Rauh-Welt 964


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