The Total 911 team’s dream £30,000 Porsche 911 garage

You don’t have to be a millionaire to afford a Porsche 911. In fact, just £30,000 ($45,000) will allow you to get your hands on one of Zuffenhausen’s finest, even in this rapidly appreciating market.

You might not get a showroom-fresh example, so it pays to go in with your eyes open, but you can still find some interesting Porsche 911s without breaking the bank.

So, without further ado, here are the cars that the Total 911 team would splash their theoretical cash on:

Porsche 997.1 Carrera 2S – Lee Sibley, Editor
Porsche 997.1 Carrera S

The choice here came between a good 996 C4S, a good Porsche 997.1 C2S, or a high miles 996 Turbo. I’d take the 997 in light of its more traditional 911 exterior styling and a hugely reformed interior that hasn’t aged as badly as the 996.

£30,000 will also comfortably get me in a manual, and this black on black example from RSJ is pretty much my perfect bag.

Porsche 911 SC – Josh Barnett, Senior Staff Writer
Porsche 911 SC

I was close to choosing a 997.1 Carrera 2S like Lee, however the (very unlikely) possibility of IMS failure still puts me off. As a staunch classic Porsche 911 fan, the Porsche 911 SC was, therefore an easy choice.

With its sprightly 3.0-litre engine and more traditional interior, I prefer the SC over a 3.2 Carrera and this particular example in the Netherlands looks gorgeous. With £4,000 change I could even afford an extended road trip back to the UK.

Porsche 997.1 Carrera 4S – Steve Mumby, Senior Designer
Porsche 997.1 C4S

At this budget, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Gen1 Porsche 997s. Unlike Lee, I would go for a 997.1 Carrera 4S. I’m a man of aesthetics and the wider body of the C4S really helps it stand out.

Also, with the benefit of four-wheel drive traction, the C4S really is the epitome of a ‘do-it-all sports car’ meaning that I could still get behind the wheel even in the depths of winter.

What do you make of the Total 911 team’s picks? Which Porsche 911 would you choose if you had a £30,000 budget? Add your choices in the comments section below or head to our Facebook and Twitter pages now.

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