The last RHD 911 Carrera 2.7 RS: Purple Gain

“I sort of stand back and look at the classic car market and wonder what it’s all about, and ask myself where is it going to be when I’m long gone,” explains Josh Sadler, Autofarm’s resident RS polymath.

“There are the investment cars – that’s a nice investment RS there,” he says, pointing to an immaculate 1973 RS under a car cover, “or do you want something like this, something that has a story?”

“For me, life is about people, and the stories associated with them.” This car, his car, has him conflicted, though to look at it you might wonder what all the fuss is about.”


Let’s backtrack to late summer last year. Sadler was arranging to race at Rennsport Reunion V at Laguna Seca and the Daytona Classic 24-Hour endurance race in Florida. He had shipped out his 1970 911S ‘Prototype’, a car he and the team at Autofarm had lovingly restored and built as a racer.

They did a good job, too, the car running both races faultlessly – though Sadler didn’t bring it back. He had heard through a contact, called Rikard Asbjornsen, about an interesting RHD 1973 RS that he had located in Trinidad.

Naturally, Sadler’s interest was raised, and conveniently the asking price for it matched the amount he received in the sale of his 911S Prototype.


Back in 1973 when Gordon Durham was ordering his new sports car, he would never have known just how interesting its future would be. Delivered to him in Teesside, England, it cost £7,500 and wore the registration MXG 911L.

One of the 117 right-hand-drive cars built, its M472 code marks it as one of the 94 UK Touring models, though significantly its 9113601576 chassis code marks it out as the last RHD RS built.

It was fairly comprehensively specified, too, the options added to it including a tinted and heated rear window (M102), limited-slip differential (M220), head restraints (M258), driver’s side mirror (M423), rear wiper (M425), electric sliding sunroof (M650) and electric windows (M651).

To read about this barn-find 2.7 RS’s Trinidadian story, pick up Total 911 issue 141 in store today. Alternatively, order your copy online for home delivery, or download it to your digital device now.


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