Del Dios Highway 1

Del Dios Highway, California, USA

This picturesque route to the Pacific Coast Highway is affectionately known by San Diego locals as ‘where the turf meets the surf’. We drive it in a 997.2 GT3 RS…

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Ortega Highway 1

Ortega Highway, California, USA

California has some beautiful roads (as seen in previous ‘Great Roads’ instalments). However, Ortega Highway route 74 is one of the most infamous.

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Petersfield Road 1

Petersfield Road, Hampshire, UK

Away from the mainland, you’ll find routes in the UK to rival even the stunning vistas of Europe. Total 911 ventures south for validation.

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Douro drive, Portugal

The Douro is one of Portugal’s major waterways, flowing between hillsides from the Spanish border to Porto on the Atlantic coast.

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B4494, Chieveley, UK

The A34 is another dull stretch of UK dual carriageway. Why sit on the it when you can have fun just off to the side?

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Zig Zag Hill, Dorset, UK

Blessed with tractors and the elderly meandering through its lanes, Dorset may not immediately spring to mind as driving nirvana. However, this twisty Alpine-esque road begs to differ.

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Deutsche Schustrasse, Germany

If you’re heading to the home of Porsche, it’s worth leaving the Autobahn and experiencing a local road and some decent cakes.

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