GT3: A Porsche 911 History

From its 996-shaped introduction in 1998 to the PDK-only 991, we take a look back through the history of Porsche’s seminal race car for the road.

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Suspension: A Porsche 911 history

The Porsche 911 may be a classic case of evolution over revolution however, its suspension setup has seen a number of changes thanks to 53 years of development.

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Water-cooling: A Porsche 911 history

Before arriving on the production scene with the Porsche 996, water-cooled flat sixes have had previous with the 911. We take a look through the history….

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Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera SSE

Widebody: A Porsche 911 history

The distinctive flared rear arches of a Porsche 911 have been a firm favourite with many since their inception. Here’s a brief walkthrough of the widebody’s history…

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911/83 engine

911/83 engine: A Porsche 911 history

It’s been 40 years since the legendary 2.7-litre Carrera engine went out of production. We take a look back at the 911/83 flat six’s illustrious history.

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911S: A Porsche 911 history

2016 marks 50 years of the iconic ‘S’ badge on the back of a Porsche 911. We take a trip through the half-century history of the first improved neunelfer here…

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