Six of the best

The room before us is utterly cavernous in its layout. Tall, wide and stretching back almost as far as the eye can see, the vast space is filled with row upon row of pristine Porsche metal, some hidden under soft cloth covers, others fully exposed. Major gangways dictate a sensible path in which to walk and, following it, we soon come to an opening that leads into another room stacked to the ceiling – literally – with yet more Porsche vehicles.

This labyrinth of Zuffenhausen’s finest sports cars is not an elaborate showroom, nor is it the factory floor. For while there are new cars here, they are joined by examples of just about every conceivable production Porsche ever built, along with prototypes, notable racing cars and, better still, some special treasures from the Porsche family.

A veritable automotive sanctuary, the cars sit silently as we walk slowly past each telling column of Porsche history, the dull marching of our footsteps on the concrete floor the only source of noise. The ambient temperature is neither too warm nor too cold, the air noticeably dry; an absence of any moisture in the atmosphere provides the perfect environment for these automotive artefacts to rest peacefully before select public appearances in the Museum and at special events around the world.

We’re in Porsche’s secret warehouse, an off-limits Mecca, home to quite simply the greatest collection of original, canonised Porsche metal anywhere in the world. We’ve been invited to the secret warehouse to meet with representatives of the Porsche Museum, specifically those responsible for bringing you an ever-changing, eclectic presentation of historical Porsche vehicles displayed inside the Delugan Meissl-designed architectural masterpiece on Porscheplatz.

Chief among the Museum clientele with us is Alexander Klein, head of historic car management. A walking encyclopedia of Porsche knowledge, Alexander has worked at Porsche for many years and has a deep affinity with the special cars used to illustrate the company’s story at the museum and beyond. A 996 GT3 owner himself, Alexander kindly accepted our offer to join us in the secret warehouse for a special assignment in celebration of our special 150th issue.

His brief was simple: select six models from the 911’s entire history that best underlines its unprecedented evolution as the world’s most iconic sports car. Here, then, we have your halo half-dozen of elite Neunelfers, with Alexander himself explaining the reasons behind his venerable choices to your editor. There may be a surprise or two in store…

To read our countdown of the top six 911s with the Porsche Museum in full, pick up Total 911 issue 150 in store today. Alternatively, order your copy online for home delivery, or download it straight to your digital device now.

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