Singer Vehicle Design ‘Brooklyn’: their best yet?

Rob Dickinson, the man behind Singer Vehicle Design, cant’ remember if he has ever bought something that exceeded his expectations. “I’m always disappointed. I wanted to make our cars good enough so that they didn’t disappoint, but the expectation around what we do now is huge. We’re very much trying to remain consistent with our work; that brings its own challenges.”

Formed in 2009, Singer’s rise to prominence on both the Porsche modifying scene and the global automotive stage has been nothing short of meteoric, especially as, by Rob’s own admission, the company’s volumes are “microscopic”.

In fact, the 911 before you is just the ninth reimagining – that’s the official terminology – to roll out of the humble Sun Valley workshop located just under half an hour northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

Singer Brooklyn interior

And Rob can rest assured, project number nine certainly doesn’t disappoint. It is just as incredible as the eight that preceded it, retaining his consistently high levels of perfectionism.

Of course, as we all know, Singer’s vehicles aren’t referred to by their project number. No. Named after the car’s destination, the company’s naming system is both utilitarian and poetic, reflecting both the personal nature of each project while providing a simple means of referring to each individual build.

‘Well, what is the name of this car then?’ I can hear you wondering. Brooklyn. Singer’s ninth car is the second to head to the City That Never Sleeps and, with its incredible attention to detail, it’s sure to turn heads amongst the metropolitan jungle that is New York.

Singer Brooklyn engine

‘Brooklyn’ started as a humble 1990 Porsche 964 Carrera Coupe, “waiting for its second act” according to Rob. However, the end result is about as far removed from this Zuffenhausen production model as possible, without losing any of the essential 911 character.

Despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars that go into each car, Singer will never manage to produce a car that loses that essence; it is at the very heart of the company and founding father, Dickinson.

If you want to find out more about this astonishing Porsche 911, reimagined by Singer Vehicle Design, then head over to the Imagine Shop for your copy of Total 911 issue 110. Alternatively, download it to your digital device from Great Digital Mags.

Singer Brooklyn 911 rear

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