SharkWerks’ 997 GT2 stars on Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno, famed ex-host of ‘The Tonight Show’ is an institution in the world of American primetime TV. However, the stand-up comedian is also a huge petrolhead, with an envious collection of classic cars and motorbikes.

Indulging his love for all things motorised, he set up ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’, an online series that airs every Sunday, showcasing both the weird and the wonderful.

This week’s latest episode falls firmly in the latter camp, with the 24-minute instalment starring SharkWerks’ Porsche 997 GT2, tuned to produce around 770hp, and featuring interior and exterior styling by Magnus Walker.

With expert insight from SharkWerks’, Alex Ross and the Urban Outlaw himself, Leno gets underneath the skin of this remarkable Porsche 911, before getting out on the road (at 15m30s for those of you in a GT2-esque hurry) to experience its mind-blowing performance. Enjoy!

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