Sales spotlight: Porsche 997 Turbo 9exx 4.2

So far in our weekly sales spotlight series we’ve featured an array of Porsches so chosen for their limited production run or unique history. Believe it or not, this week’s 997 Turbo entry follows those same principles albeit packaged in a completely different way.

That’s because this 997 Turbo is a true one-of-a-kind with a build history totalling more than £45,000 for the engine alone and resulting in a car that would leave the Porsche 918, McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari eating dust all the way to 200mph. Got your attention? Time, then, to take a look at the 997 Turbo 9eXX 4.2 in closer detail.


The car started life as a Gen1 997 Turbo, which you’ll know was good enough for 480hp and 620Nm max torque while cosseting the driver in lavish surroundings. Well, the 9eXX 4.2 looks just like any other Gen1 997 Turbo from outside and even from the driver’s seat, but pop the decklid and you’ll start to see some telltale signs of a flat six that’s been fettled. A lot.

The Mezger engine’s capacity has been increased from 3.6-litres and a mighty 4.2, and has been “extensively modified internally to cope with over 1000hp.” This consists of custom con rods, studs, gaskets, heads that have been ported, machined and o-ringed. Other components include titanium valve springs and reground cams. The cost of the engine tune was an eye-watering £45,000, don’t forget.


Now, Nine Excellence is no stranger to big 911 builds – in fact, they’re one of the best, duly taking Best 911 Tuner at the 2015 Total 911 Awards. You can therefore rest assured as to the integrity of the work undertaken here. That’s why the Mezger’s entire intake system has been reworked too, with custom GT3586 Hybrid turbos to 9eXX specification and with a switchable sports exhaust system installed for good measure, too.

9e’s online advert continues: “The car has four different power settings at a touch of a button and has methanol/water injector programmed automatically for top power setting. It runs on Vpower99 on a day to day basis although top performance is achieved on higher octane fuel.” The gearbox is Tiptronic, but don’t let that put you off – it’s been upgraded to hold 1,300nm of torque and shifts twice as fast as a standard box. In addition, the driveshafts have been upgraded to enable hard launches.


To finish this truly unique and mouth-watering build, the suspension has been upgraded to Bilstein B16 Damptronics, with a full RSS Tarmac Series and custom geometry. And as for stopping? You’ve got Girodiscs and Pagid29 pads to bring this car back to sane speeds when needed. The car has covered just 2,000 miles since its rebuild and, for obvious reasons, the price is POA.

With the top speed limited to 232mph, the 9eXX 4.2 is a brilliantly ludicrous build that caters for those who truly like to live life to the full. For more information on this electrifying 997 Turbo, visit the Nine Excellence website or Facebook page


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