Sales Spotlight: Porsche 996 CSR Retro

Last month, we shone our Sales Spotlight on a Porsche 997 Sport Classic, up for sale at Porsche Centre Leeds an eye-watering £385,000 price tag. This week though, we’ve found something that should give similar thrills for a fraction of the cost.

Not content with simply selling Porsche 911s, renowned independent specialist, RPM Technik has become famous for its ‘CSR’ brands of Clubsport-style conversions for 996 and 997 generation Neunelfers.

The car on offer here is a Porsche 996 CSR Retro that has completed a scant 150 miles since the build was finished, all for the modest price of £39,995 (or just over a tenth of the price of that Sport Classic).

996 CSR Retro interior

We’ve had first-hand experience of how thrilling RPM Technik’s CSR package can be on numerous occasions and, fitted with a full compliment of upgrades, we’re sure that this particular finished build will be no different.

There is hardly an area of the donor car (chosen for its impeccable service history and unusual Vesuvio Metallic paint finish) left untouched, with RPM fitting new adjustable coilover dampers, top mounts, anti-roll bars and lower arms, all adjusted to RPM’s secret CSR setup.

A CSR limited slip differential has been added to the package too, along with a RPM’s proprietary lightweight flywheel and clutch, exhaust system and brake package, ensuring that this 996 provides a driving experience akin to a GT3, with the usability of a 997 GTS (without incurring the costs of either).

996 CSR Retro rear

Of course, the CSR Retro is all about its classic touches and, on that front, this example gains genuine 18-inch Fuchs alloys and the signature carbon fibre ducktail (along with the rest of the CSR body kit).

Inside, the retro touches are continued with colour-coded hardback sports seats, while the rest of the interior is a little more subtle, retrimmed in Alcantara to provide a sporting environment from which you can blast across your favourite roads.

To find out more about this Porsche 996 CSR Retro, or other impeccable Porsche 911s currently in their stock, visit RPM Technik’s website now.

996 CSR Retro seats

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