Sales Spotlight: Porsche 996.2 Carrera 4

If you’ve been following Total 911 Editor, Lee’s regular Porsche 996 diary, you’ll have seen that his 2004 Carrera 4 has proven to be an ideal entry into the world of Neunelfer ownership.

From road trips to track days, Lee’s 996.2 C4 hasn’t missed a beat, proving that (despite the internet scaremongering) the first water-cooled Porsche 911 is a more than suitable choice for those looking to get into a rear-engined Zuffenhausen sports car.

What’s more, despite prices starting to rise, the 996 Carrera remains one of the cheapest ways into the 911 market, as this second generation Carrera 4 from marque specialists, Finlay Gorham highlights.

Porsche 996.2 headlight

Complete with manual gearbox, Finlay Gorham’s 2002 Porsche 996 Carrera 4 offers a £17,995 opportunity to follow in Lee’s wheel tracks for the cost of a new entry-level Volkswagen Golf.

Although there’s no mention in the advert of an IMS bearing work, with just under 70,000 miles on the clock, the 996.2 C4 sits in that mileage sweet spot where it has probably been worked enough to prevent any problems but still doesn’t look or feel too leggy.

Finished in Midnight Blue Metallic, the paint finish makes a nice change from the usual black and silver hues seen on 996 Carreras, while the black leather interior is almost universally popular.

996.2 Carrera interior

Fitted with the same five-spoke ‘Carrera’ alloys as Lee’s own 996, the car comes with factory-fitted side skirts, the Bose stereo upgrade and a phone module (on top of other smaller options, such as the aluminium finish on the gear and handbrake levers).

Finlay Gorham’s 996 Carrera 4 comes complete with a full service history, with the specialist ensuring that the car has a fresh service and MOT for the new buyer. They’ll even include a warranty in case anything should go wrong.

For more information on this Porsche 996 Carrera 4, or any of the other Porsche 911 stock at Finlay Gorham, visit the specialist’s website now. 

Porsche 996 rear

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