Sales Spotlight: Porsche 991.1 Turbo

In the current Porsche 911 market, what would £93,900 buy you? Well, among a number of options, it would likely get you a very nice 911T (of either 2.2 or 2.4-litre persuasion) or, perhaps, a widebody 993 Carrera 4S.

Alternatively, for your sub-£100,000 budget, one of the most technologically advanced Porsche 911s ever made – the 991 Turbo – is now within reach, as this Approved Used example from Porsche Centre Hatfield proves.

As a first generation example it comes with ‘just’ 520hp (the current 991.2 Turbo enjoys 540hp) but that is still enough to propel from 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds and onto a top speed of 195mph should a clear stretch of derestricted autobahn present itself in front of you.


While outright speed has always been one of the 911 Turbo’s signature traits, Porsche’s flagship sports car has also heralded in a number of technological developments over the years and the 991.1 was no different.

Introducing a much-improved version of the PDK semi-automatic gearbox, the Gen1 991 Turbo also saw the debut of Porsche’s ingenious rear-wheel steering system, bestowing the portly Turbo with unrivalled agility.

911 Turbo have traditionally also been bestowed with a number of options and OPC Hatfield’s 2013 example is no different, coming with the Sport Chrono package, front and rear parking assist (including a reversing camera), a sliding glass sunroof, heated seats and rear wipers.


As the cheapest 991 Turbo currently available through Porsche Approved Used, the £93,900 price tag’s trade-off is the Carrara White car’s relatively high odometer reading of 45,060 miles.

However, thanks to the Approved Used scheme’s stringent quality assurance checks, and a two-year Porsche warranty for the new owner, you can be sure that this excellent everyday 911 will continue to thrill you every day.

For more information on this Porsche 991 Turbo, or to search the myriad 911’s available through Approved Used scheme, check out Porsche’s car locator now.


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