Sales Spotlight: Porsche 964 Alzen Turbo Cup

You may have noticed that the last two cars to be showcased in our ‘Sales Spotlight’ have favoured originality. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd but still have the peace of mind that buying from a reputable specialist brings, our latest offering could well be for you.

Allegedly based on Uwe Alzen’s 1992 Carrera Cup car, this Porsche 964 was the first in a long line of outrageous builds that have rolled out of Alzen Motorsport’s workshop over the years and is now available at esteemed specialist, RPM Technik.

Built to entertain sponsors and clients, a look at the spec sheet confirms that this car would certainly provide a thrilling passenger ride thanks in part to its 360bhp, 3.3-litre turbocharged engine (although we’re sure playing with the adjustable boost dial in the cockpit could extract more).


Built by DP Motorsports (of 935 K3 fame), the flat six is mated to a five-speed ‘box and limited-slip differential, the latter helping to feed all that power to the road through the magnesium split-rim alloys that measure 9.5 inches wide at the rear.

Originally Maritime Blue, the Alzen repainted the shell in light yellow and fitted a pair of steel 964 Turbo rear arches (as well as a carbon Kevlar 964 3.8 RS rear wing). There’s also a Matter roll cage, RS door cards and the correct period Recaro bucket seats.

Having lived in the UK since 1998, the car is, incredibly, road legal and, thanks to its custom H&R suspension, we’re sure it still provides the thrilling drive that Alzen Motorsport were hoping for when they originally built it.


As you’d hope for with a build of this magnitude (especially on such an important base car), RPM Technik are selling this 964 RS/Turbo with a full history file that includes all the detail about the work carried out in 1992.

The Alzen 964 Turbo Cup doesn’t come cheap however. It’s £134,995 asking price is pretty steep for a modified Porsche 911 but, when you compare it to the £169,995 RPM is asking for a standard 964 RS, you’re getting a lot of car and history for your money.

To check out the Alzen Porsche 964 Turbo Cup in more detail, or to see more of the incredible Porsches on offer at RPM Technik, visit their website now.


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