Sales debate: Why is the Porsche 911 SC not a more sought after model?

Despite the air-cooled boom, 911 SC prices seem to have stayed relatively low. Paragon Porsche’s Mark Sumpter believes that while the SC’s production volumes are partly to blame, “people are very romantic about the early Seventies cars and, if they are going to buy an impact bumper car, they would rather have a 3.2 Carrera with all the refinements: better heating, more powerful engine and the G50 gearbox.”

However, classic specialist Paul Stephens disputes the SC’s supposedly poor reputation. “The motoring press have always said, ‘the SC is not quite a Carrera’, so that’s what people think,” he explains. “But the 3.0-litre engine (particularly in 204bhp trim) is a really smooth, sweet-revving unit.”

The one thing the pair agree one is that the SC is suddenly experiencing something of a revival. “I think the SC is the next car that is really starting to pick up,” explains Sumpter, “especially if you can find one in what was, a few years ago, an undesirable spec.”

Porsche 911 SC interior

His views are borne out by Stephens’ experience. “People have just got the whole SC thing.” However, in Stephen’s opinion, strong values should only be commanded by well-kept examples.

“Good ones are starting to make good money, but there is a massive difference between the good and the also-rans,” he explains. “They’ve been languishing around £10,000 for so long that the person who had £10,000 probably doesn’t have £11,000. So when something went wrong, it was [fixed] with just the cheapest way to put it right.”

The market may be a bit of a minefield at the moment, but if the right car can be found, SCs appear to be the last of the affordable air-cooleds. It may even turn into a tidy investment prospect…

Do you agree with our 911 experts? Is the 911 SC gradually finding favour among air-cooled fans? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Porsche 911 SC

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  • franco

    I’ve got a 81 SC coupe euro spec, 204 bhp, it was never rebuilt, there is no rust, it drives smoothly and firm. The engine noise is so awesome, specially over 3000 rpm, and there is no oil leaks at all. Besides that, it all works, electric side mirrors, electric windows, electric sunroof, AC, original 6 cd slots stereo. I mean, there is no carrera badge on it, but it is a truly 911 in perfect shape, and I wouldn’t sell it if I was not making a lot of money. So, I guess for those cars that were rebuilt or have had modifications and so on, the prices will go on reasonably low for a while, but for the ones on mint shape, like mine, I dont think the owners are going to let them go so easily.

  • franco

    oh, and it is black on black.

  • De Cunha

    “original 6 cd slots stereo”

    No 81 SC ever came with a 6 cd slot stereo, Your vehicle came with a radio/cassette player.

  • Bob Manor

    The next Big Thing

  • Nino

    I have a 911 sc 1981 it’s never been restored, in fact it’s got s bit of rust and oil leaks,
    I’ve driven an 84 Carrera it was very nice, but the engine note on the sc also the shorter engine stroke makes for a higher quicker reving engine, also k jetronic mechanical fuel injection is fantastic. The 911 SC with a sports exhaust is a serious fun car!

  • Ed

    I have a 1983 204hp. yes I upgraded everything- suspension, web 993 cams, ssi’s, polished heads, new 9.8 cyl’s and pistons, upgraded 964 oil pump 208hp at wheels. no air con. 7 and 8x 15 Fuchs. Great car. Sun roof delete. what a sound. revs like a motor cycle. Guards red, whale tail. All rubbers replaced. Corbeau seats.

  • Pieter Venter

    I own the car photographed and it has been ONLY a pleasure to own for the last 17 years. Currently at almost 100 000 km’s and all original body and engine/gearbox. 1983 MODEL 911 SC – Obviously shocks have been done once and I replaced the lenses on main lights and rear badge – other than that an absolute pleasure ALWAYS – perfectly reliable and easy to use OFTEN. I don’t use it daily which probably keeps it nicer and a bigger treat when I do – these cars perform well and “frighten” some modern cars when driven aggressively – Strangely enough when I bought it I chose the SC over the Carrera not just on price but was given advise then (90’s) that the SC was easier car to own and maintain. The advise was correct and solid. I didn’t buy to sell and make money so the spec , condition , history and extras on this car made me buy it! Known the car since delivery in 1983 and the first owner is known Porsche guy IN SA – hope one day my son will love as much as I do – the car gives me goosebumps and great pleasure – ALWAYS

  • Soomeyya Khan

    1982 911SC <170 000km, Guards Red. It was my first Porsche and not the finest example. Needed some long outstanding maintenance but has been a pleasure ever since. Total cost of Repairs and ownership R90 000 ($8 000) over the past 8 years including timing chain tensioners, front shocks, gearbox rebuild, servicing, 5 x tyres, light bulbs, bonnet shocks, etc. Motor has not been opened but compression is good. Not a car I would sell, I have seen the prices double in South Africa over the past 5 years and Quadruple over 14 years. Its a great driving experience, FUN, Scary, exhilarating at times. My wife has also started driving it lately and more often. Wonder why? AND I am hoping to handover to my son someday.

  • Robert Lakat

    My life long dream of owning a Porsche 911 was finally recognized in May 2015 when I was fortunate enough to come across a near perfect grand Prix white 1983sc cabriolet located here in Melbourne Australia only 40 minutes drive from my home.
    The moment I laid my eyes on the stunning 911sc I knew I was going to buy it. I had to stay calm and control my enthusiasm and focus on the car and final purchase price .
    I never really wanted a cabriolet. Like most Porsche dreamers I always envisaged myself driving a coupe with a whale tail but I think at my ripe age of 49 maybe the racer boy image wasn’t as great as the racer boy desire of just owning a classic 911.
    The Porsche was brought into Australia by its previous UK owner who emigrated to Australia to live permanently.Due to his work the Porsche was seldomly driven with the odometer only showing 51,850miles at the time I viewed the car.
    It came with a folder full of previous owners names and addresses dating back to 1983.All the service history,MOTs and regular maintenance.
    All the original factory manuals and books were also supplied all in impeccable condition .
    I drove the the Porsche 911sc cabriolet after we settled on a mutually agreeable purchase price.Being a bright sunny morning with a hint of cool air we decided to lower the top and allow me to experience the convertible.
    My god I was excited! The thumping sound of the flat 6,the wind in my hair,the 360 degree visibility and the sheer speed on the open country road….can I say I was really hooked?
    The steering was tight, the ride firm and precise,cornering was flat and telescopic. Just point the car where you want it to be and your there as fast as you want…Needless to say this first pre purchase test drive was quite lengthy not only because I was having such a fantastic time but also because this was the sellers last chance to be in his beloved 911sc.
    Well the final purchase price that was agreed on was $37,750 Australian dollars in May 2015.
    Since then I have driven the car 2,500miles approx the odometer shows 54,420 miles. The car is garaged under a soft sheet and is pampered with nothing more that routine maintenace. I have replaced a few little rubber seals,carried out full service replace the front rotors and brake pads and the best is replace the original heat exchangers with a set of nos ones and fit a stainless steel Coss over pipe with a stainless fab speed pre muffler and a Monty muffler..These exhaust related items were not really necessary to chance but I just wanted to richen up that flat 6 thumping sound …now the 1983 Porsche 911sc cabriolet is perf ect!

  • EwBa

    Please direct me to these £10K 911SC’s, because I will buy them and flip them for what they are actually selling for, which is closer to £30K.

  • Robert Spinello

    Not quite a Carrera meaning what?, cause the nameplate is abbreviated? It’s a damn Carrera just as much as the 3.2.