Porsche 997 Carrera 4S Gen2 ultimate guide

Despite having done much to boost Porsche’s coffers during a difficult period, the 996 generation endured something of a torrid time. The necessary change to water-cooling had divided opinion and loyalty, and some high profile engine problems had dented the company’s reputation for peerless engineering.

The commotion eventually died down, of course, and by the time the 997 arrived in September 2004, things were on a much stronger footing.

Highly regarded today, it was joined a year later by the four-wheel drive variants but what we’re interested in here is the Gen2 that was launched for the 2009 model year – and specifically the hugely capable C4S.

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We’ll start beneath the engine lid where this particular model received some significant changes, not least of which was the addition of direct injection and VarioCam Plus.

Powering the new generation was a 3.8-litre unit producing 385bhp at 6,500rpm and a useful 420Nm of torque. Featuring ‘Alusil’ cylinder liners and forged aluminium pistons along with that VarioCam Plus system that provided variable valve timing and lift on the inlet side, the heavily revised unit boasted impressive efficiency savings, including a carbon dioxide output 15 per cent lower than before.

The best news for buyers, though, is that engine problems such as IMS failure and scored cylinder bores had effectively been eradicated for the Gen2.

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And, given their usability and potential for higher mileages, an unimpeachable service record from a specialist or OPC will minimise any concerns.

Regular maintenance shouldn’t bash the wallet too much either, a 20,000-mile check costing around £330 and the bigger 60,000-mile check – which includes a change of plugs – in the region of £920 for a manual example (a PDK-equipped car is around £100 more for the same service.)

It’s worth mentioning that spark plug renewal is a more expensive and involved job than on a Gen1 as the rear exhaust silencers need to be moved, with the potential for battling corroded fittings. Required every four years, expect to pay around £280 to have this done by a specialist.

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Porsche 997 Carrera 4S Gen2

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