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  • Bob Gularte

    What is the root cause of these IMS failures and has Porsche made corrected parts available for replacement?

  • Look at the previous post here on this subject. Also, we have a detailed feature coming up in the next issue of Total 911.

  • Bruce Tonilas

    I am looking at purchasing a 996TT from the 2002 to 2004 model years. I like the look and obviously many other things about the cars, but do not which to purchase a car that inherently contains the IMS engineering defect (or call it what you wish). I just don’t want to spend a lot of money on a car that will be a money pit. I am considering cars that include the X-50 upgrade or the Ruf upgrade but if the basic engine inherently has problems, do these upgrades make a difference? What might you suggest? Is there a better year out there with a similar body style that has had the engineering problem resolved during design and prior to manufacture?

    THank you

  • tom balestreri

    can someone tell me what the failure of the intermediate shaft bearing sounds like. i was driving last night, went to pass someone, and as the engine revved up i felt a sudden decrease in power. i thought it was the rev limiter. about an hour down the freeway i pulled over for gas and heard a tapping sound out of the engine. any thoughts on this? tom.