Porsche 991 Turbo and Turbo S get Exclusive Aerokit

Porsche’s 991 and 991 Turbo S are cars with such prodigious grip and poise we have never wanted more downforce when behind their respective wheels. However, as Lee pointed out, we have sometime bemoaned their slightly tame looks.

All that can be changed now with Porsche Exclusive launching a new Aerokit for the latest range-topping Porsche 911s, featuring a distinctive front spoiler and revised rear wing assembly.

Unlike previous generations of 911 Turbo Aerokit, which featured a fixed rear wing, the 991 Turbo Aerokit retains the standard car’s active aerodynamics, with the new rear wing featuring an adjustable angle of attack.


This means, in the full-bore ‘Performance setting’ downforce has been increased by 18kg, providing an Aerokitted 991 Turbo (or Turbo S) with 150kg of downforce at 300kph (189mph).

The fixed front spoiler features two side winglets, reminiscent of the Porsche 993 Carrera RS Clubsport, providing much greater visual drama, while the rear wing also gains a fixed element with striking reverse-swept endplates.

Painted in either body colour or gloss black (as are the sideskirts and decklid grill), the Aerokit can be retrofitted to existing Porsche 991 Turbos and Turbo Ss by Porsche Tequipment. To fit to a new car, the latest Turbo Aerokit costs €5,355 via Porsche Exclusive.

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