Porsche 911 R to be unveiled at 2016 Geneva Motor Show?

Rumours of a new back-to-basics Porsche 911 have been floating around since the summer. However, details are starting to firm up with sources suggesting that Porsche will launch a 21st Century 911 R at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Initially it was believed the new purists’ Porsche would use some form of ‘GT’ badge to signify the input of Andreas Preuninger’s team in the car’s development. Now though, it looks more likely that Zuffenhausen will revisit the iconic ‘R’ moniker last seen in 1967.

Unlike the original 911R, the Porsche 991 R won’t be a dedicated racer. Instead, it will be built as the definitive driver’s car. That means the second generation 991’s 3.0-litre turbocharged flat six will be shunned in favour of the high-revving 9A1 unit from the current 911 GT3.

911 GT3 engine

Whether it will rev all the way to 9,000rpm is yet to be confirmed but expect upwards of 450hp and a sonorous soundtrack to accompany an analogue driving experience that will undoubtedly be defined by the decision to only use a manual gearbox.

Yes, that’s right. The rumoured 911 R will feature a clutch pedal and seven-speed stick shift rather than the automated PDK unit seen in the GT3. There will also be narrower tyres and no rear wing (as shown in our artist’s impression at the top of the page).

In true 911 R tradition, the latest iteration will feature extensive weight saving, though whether it will hit the scales at less than the GT3 is yet to be seen. A dry weight somewhere south of the current 991 Carrera GTS seems more likely.


Pricing will probably be announced closer to the 2016 Geneva Motor Show next March though there are conflicting rumours as to the availability of upcoming Porsche 991 R.

Some suggest production will be limited to just 600 units (and that they are already sold out) while other sources seem to believe the 911 R will be put into full scale production but that sales forecasts aren’t expecting a huge uptake.

Whatever the case with price and availability will be, if true, the Porsche 991 R looks set to be one of the most exciting neunelfers built since the 964 Carrera 4 Lightweight. We’re already licking our lips at the prospect.

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991 GT3 wing

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