Porsche 911 Carrera GTS – some thoughts

At first, I was disappointed by the Carrera GTS. It seems little more than a special edition dreamed up by the marketing department to sell more cars. A bit like the sort of thing the likes of Ford does with cars like the Fiesta Finesse (am I showing my age here?). Sure, the GTS has got a good spec and a unique interior but, compared to the 911 Sport Classic, which really was a new model in its own right, the GTS didn’t excite me.

However, after sleeping on it, Porsche’s latest 911 suddenly seems more attractive.

I love its wider rear arches which (Sport Classic apart) previously were only partnered with four-wheel drive 997s (the GTS is rear drive) and these, combined with the black wheels, give the car a purposeful look.

More important, though, is the Powerkitted engine which boosts power to 408bhp and makes the 3.8-litre feel so much more alive. It’s normally a £8000 option so to have this packaged in a £76,000 car is great news (see our previous post about values).

I also like the look of the Alcantara interior. I’ve checked Porsche’s website and, on other Carreras, the only Alcantara option you can choose is the centre console lid! So, GT2s and GT3s apart, this is the only way you can have acres of fake suede in a 911. No big deal? Well, personally, I like the look and feel of Alcantara, and it’s also surprisingly practical and hardwearing.

Note that the GTS isn’t a complete package to the same extent as the Sport Classic. Like other Carreras, you can spec it as you wish, with things such as PDK, PCCB and the like. You can even opt for a Cabriolet version. Also, it’s not a limited edition model, but part of the main Carrera range.

And if I was in the market for a new 911 Carrera, then the GTS would be top of my list. It’s great value for money and offers a unique look and feel.

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