Poll: Who is the greatest Porsche 911 racer of all time?

For over 50 years, the Porsche 911 has seen unprecedented success around the world on both track and stage, from Daytona to Dakar and Le Mans to Monte Carlo.

In various guises (from the lightweight 911R to the fearsome turbocharged 935s on to the latest 911 RSR), the Neunelfer is the most decorated sports car in motorsport history.

However, without some superhuman feats by those behind the wheel, the Porsche 911 may never have become the sporting icon it now is. That’s why, in our latest poll, we want you to vote for your greatest Porsche 911 racing driver of all time.


From Sixties icons such as Vic Elford and Erwin Kremer, through Seventies legends like John Fitzpatrick and Rolf Stommelen, to today’s heroes, we’ve compiled a collection of names that represents our most comprehensive ever,

Making your job slightly easier, you can choose up to five different drivers and, if we have missed a Porsche 911 legend from our list, we’re open to suggestions too. Voting will close on Wednesday 30 November and the results will be published in Total 911 issue 148.

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