Poll: Should Porsche go hybrid with the next generation 911?

After a Porsche 992 test mule was spotted on the road last month, the issue of the Porsche 911’s future has been a much-debated topic, with many references made about a possible switch to hybrid power.

By now you should have had a chance to read Josh’s case in support of electrical assistance on the next generation neunelfer but, we want to know what you think. So vote now in our latest poll:

Comments (3)

  • End User

    I’m all for a hybrid powertrain as long as Porsche preserves the manual transmission (with no auto-blip).

  • DanV

    Sure! Give the rich kids something to brag about, as if they really ever help the environment.

  • dhectorg

    Rev matching is going to be on pretty much every manual Porsche going forward, may as well accept it. I’ve never understood why so many people (so called ‘purists’) are against automotive progress. Technology never stands still and it’s naive to expect it too. Yes, rev matching takes a tiny bit of control away, but it also has the potential to make you a much better performance driver. Personally, I love rev matching.

    Also, it’s highly doubtful that a hybrid will come with a manual. I suspect they will continue the trend they started with the 918 and make it all about track times, which means the PDK will likely be the sole transmission available.