Photo special: Magnus Walker’s greatest 911 builds

Magnus Walker’s collection of self-made 911 hotrods is awe inspiring. Here, the guest editor discusses each of his most famous 911 builds in celebration of his latest creation, the ’72 STR II – as featured in Total 911’s milestone 100th issue now. To purchase your copy, visit the ImagineShop online bookstore, or visit GreatDigitalMags.com to download a digital version.

’71 street racer

Magnus says: “This is my all-time favourite; updated, developed and modified, but never restored. It is my go-to car for all spirited runs, and can be seen in a few online videos. It’s not the fastest car, with only 180bhp from a 2.4-litre Twin-plug motor, yet it handles and stops well. Having owned it since 1999, this is the car I have had the longest and am most associated with.”


’68 R-inspired 911
Magnus says: “This is my favourite short wheelbase build, and really the car that put me on the map. It’s my interpretation of the iconic ’67 R, with a few custom touches, including that great 2.5 motor, suspension setup, stance and look. It graced the pages of Total 911 back in Issue 91.”

’65 911

Magnus says: “Another very early car ironically built only three weeks later than my iconic ’64 911. This car has more of a sports purpose rally vibe, with decor trim delete, vintage Scheel seats and famous Fuchs rims. The car has also been lowered and modified but crucially has not been restored. For a pokey 2.0-litre car, it’s a fun ride with an abundance of character and, of course, an absolute joy to own. Looks-wise, it’s one of my most understated.”

’76 930 Euro Turbo
Magnus says: “This is my latest toy: I am currently on a 3.0-litre 75-77 Turbo crusade, and having already purchased an early ’76 US 930, I could not pass up this rare Euro-spec Minerva blue car with deleted sunroof. The updates here are simple yet effective; it has been lowered and had some group 4 PAG 15 rims added, along with a vintage steering wheel for that personal touch.”
’72 STR
Magnus says: “The ’72 STR was my first build combination of my favourite R and ST models. It was similar to my ’68 R-inspired car, with the same integrated turn signals and drilled door handles and powered by a 2.7-litre MFI motor with a compression ratio of 9.5:1. The car had lots of goodies for better handling, and was covered in orange and light ivory paint, rolling on Minilite rims. It was eventually sold in France, and was the forerunner to my latest STR in this issue.”
’72 STR II
Magnus’ lastest and greatest 911 hotrod build, his second ’72 STR, is featured in the celebratory 100th issue of Total 911, out now.

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