Peak 964 RS Performance: Porsche 964 RS N/GT tested

When the email and accompanying pictures came through, I had to double take. At first the car on screen appeared to be a 964 RS N/GT: with only 290 units ever produced, the car is a fairly rare find by Porsche standards, accounting for around 12 per cent of total 964 Rennsport production.

However, I’d soon realise this isn’t an ordinary N/GT. An extra special and substantially rare sub-production model straight from Weissach, just 20 examples of this car were made, each finished in a different colour.

Its story is both enthralling and peculiar (though positively credible), the sort of Porsche legend that perpetually excites both writers and readers of this fi ne publication, and the perfect start to our ‘rare 964s’ double bill for issue 139. First though, a little history.


Originally a lightweight homologation special of the 964 Cup cars, the N/GT was a competition-ready fire breather permitted on the public road.

A true performance thoroughbred, the suffix attached to that famous ‘Rennsport’ moniker simply denoted the competitions it was applicable for, this being FIA group ‘N’ (ostensibly production vehicles in competition), and GT racing.

Denoted from the factory as a 964 RS with option code M003 (M001 being a Cup car and M002 being the Touring model), the specification of an N/GT was Rennsport in its purest form.


On top of the usual RS liturgy of a strengthened, seam-welded shell, an alloy front boot lid, no rear seats, front bucket seats with no electrical adjustment, thinner glass for side and rear windows, magnesium wheels and a lightweight rear bumper, M003 stipulated a complete removal of sound deadening (which, as well as the engine compartment cladding, meant the removal of all interior carpets and headlining, as well as carpeting in the front boot).

A sun visor was only present on the driver’s side, and a welded Matter roll cage was installed as standard equipment. Carpets in the front of the N/GT’s cabin were replaced with plywood footboards, and the bucket seats, colour-coded and covered in leather in the RS Touring, were covered by flame-retardant Nomex material.

Schroth harnesses held the driver in place and a bigger-capacity fuel tank was installed, along with an onboard fire extinguisher and cut-off switch.

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