Outlaw v Outlaw: Magnus walker drives PS Works Clubsport

“It’s the perfect day for a road test, right?” so says Magnus Walker, who’s knelt down while swapping over his trusty Doc Martins for a rather more svelte pair of black Converse-style shoes. It’s a blisteringly hot summer’s day in the UK, though the Urban Outlaw’s retiring boots have barely trodden down on British soil, Magnus having only arrived in the country via the Eurostar from Paris around an hour ago for his book tour.

However, there will be no more intercity train journeys for Total 911’s long-time friend today. That’s because he’ll be taking his position in the more familiar confines of an air-cooled Porsche 911, even if the roads upon which he’ll be driving it through are more than 5,400 miles away from his usual stomping ground of California’s Angeles Crest Highway.

The car itself is no ordinary air-cooled Neunelfer, either. This is the PS Clubsport Series 2 from the eponymously named independent Porsche specialist, Paul Stephens. By way of a background, in 2007 Paul Stephens introduced a lightweight coupe called the PS Clubsport, which sat alongside its Autoart range of cars. Created from the ethos of ‘less is more’, the Clubsport was by Paul’s own admission “a very light, formidable car capable of showing a clean pair of heels to more modern machinery on a twisty road or circuit.”

A decade on from that first car, Paul felt the time was right to introduce a PS Clubsport Series 2, launched under the PS Works programme. Very much a car that appears to encompass the current market lust for a do-it-all classic 911, Paul says the build has been inspired by the road-going performance 911s, taking styling elements from all eras. The result is billed as a truly individual car for a similar outlay of a new, ‘standard’ Porsche 911.

Sitting resplendent in the summer sunshine, there’s no question the new PS Clubsport has an ‘Outlaw’ look about it, which is exactly why Magnus is here to drive it. Can the Urban Outlaw himself verify the car as Britain’s best new Outlaw build?

Paul begins by showing Magnus around the car, which despite its pre-impact bumper appearance actually started life as a 3.2 Carrera. The original car was stripped and restored in preparation for painting, with the roof de-seamed for cleaner styling and increased top speed. Inner wheel arches were rolled…

The full article is available in Total 911 issue 156, in shops now or available here.

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