Nine facts you didn’t know about the new 991.2 GT3

We knew all along Porsche’s latest GT3 was going to remain free of turbochargers, August Achleitner confirming this to Total 911 way back in 2015. As the months wore on, more ‘likely’ information on Weissach’s track-ready sports car began to surface and so we knew, prior to today’s announcement, a manual transmission was to return to the GT3’s specification. We knew, too, what the car would look like, thanks to the reveal of the new GT3 Cup car late last year. However, rumours the GT3 would get a 4.0-litre engine from the GT3 RS and R turned out to be untrue, so what’s the score? Here’s our nine facts about the 991.2 GT3 you very likely won’t know:


1) Manual transmission is a no-cost option

We knew a six-speed manual Sport gearbox from Weissach was likely to feature on the new GT3 as an option, however Total 911 can reveal this will be at no additional cost to the owner. We expect the manual transmission to weigh around 30 kilograms less than the PDK equivalent, too.


2) New 4.0-litre engine is from 991.2 GT3 Cup car

This is the biggest surprise, the GT3’s new flat six proving quite a revision of the 4.0-litre engine. It features new valve gear, a new crankshaft and lower internal oil pressure together with new piston rings that all together offers less resistance to the rotating masses. The engine, we’re told, now closely resembles that of the 991.2 GT3 Cup.

3) Redline remains 9,000rpm

That’s right! These key revisions to the GT3 Cup’s 4.0-litre powerplant enables the new GT3 to rev all the way to a glorious nine grand, usurping the GT3 RS and R’s 4.0-litre flat six, which had its max revs reduced to 8,600rpm.


4) There’s no lightweight flywheel option

Unlike the manual 991 R, which presented a lightweight flywheel as an option for customers, for the new GT3 this is not offered. Porsche has told us this is because “the crankshaft design does not support it for one thing, but also the engine revs up so quickly now thanks to the reduced internal friction that it is not necessary either.”


5) Same dimensions and footprint as 991.1 GT3

Like the 991.1, the 991.2 GT3 shares the same 1,852mm wide shell as its Carrera 4 sister. Tyres specs are the same, though the new GT3 will ride 5mm lower to the ground than previously.

6) Revised aerodynamics

Some of the new GT3’s revised channelling of air is clearly visible, for example on the front bumper and rear decklid intakes. What you can’t see, though, is an all-new diffusor, better managing the flow of air underneath the car.


7) Big spec as standard

As a car designed for sporty driving, the GT3 once again comes with a host of lap time shredding tech as standard, including PASM, active engine mounts, rear axle steering and of course a limited slip differential.

8) Track Precision app

There’s no gimmicky ‘Pit Lane Speed’ limiter a la the 991 GT3 RS, however owners of a 991.2 GT3 will be able to download Porsche’s Track Precision app as standard equipment, which lets you display, record and analyse detailed driving data on your smartphone. It’s the perfect partner to a car built specifically with the circuit in mind.


9) It’ll cost from £111,802, with first deliveries by summer

Well, “early summer,” as Porsche put it. We can’t wait.


There’s more on the way! For the most in-depth assessment of the 991.2 GT3 anywhere in the world, pick up your copy of Total 911 issue 151, in shops March 19. 

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