Nine Excellence 9exx breaks outright vMax record

9exx running

In issue 104 of Total 911, we introduced readers to Nine Excellence’s 9e17. This 950bhp beast, based on a 996 Turbo, is named in reference to the car’s ability to hit 300kph (186mph) from a standstill in 17 seconds.

Since then, Ken Napier’s team have gone back to the drawing board, producing the 9exx. So named because it was unknown how fast the car could sprint to the triple ton, this car was only ever designed with one event in mind. vMax 200.

At the most recent vMax event, at Leicestershire’s Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, the 9exx broke the previous outright record, despite the less than ideal weather conditions.

9exx dashboard

At the end of the 2-mile runway, the Porsche 911 hit 229.6mph, breaking the previous Porsche record (held by 9ff’s GTR9) by over 7mph and taking the outright speed record to boot.

“We could have gone better, but the conditions were terrible”, explained Napier, talking exclusively to Total 911. “We were 10mph down at a couple of checkpoints as we were struggling to get grip.”

This is hardly surprising given that the car now enjoys a phenomenal power output of around 1300bhp at 1.85 bar. In testing a couple of weeks ago, while running ‘just’ 1.6 bar of boost, the car was breaking traction in third gear. At 6,000rpm.

9exx engine bay

In order to create such phenomenal figures, Nine Excellence increased the size of the fuel injectors, modified the exhaust cams to avoid back pressure, and extensively modified the Garrett turbochargers, manufacturing internal wastegates.

Despite this, the internals of the actual engine weren’t touched too much. In Ken’s words, “The engine had done 51 or 52 passenger rides over 210mph but was running fine. If it ain’t broke…”

9exx seats

With all this power, you would expect 9exx to be a bit of a monster yet, at 1.2 bar, the car is “very civilised”, according to Napier.

To read more about Nine Excellence’s record breaking Porsche 911, pick up a copy of issue 104 from the Imagine Shop.

For more information on vMax events, visit the website: www.vmax200.com.

With a car such as this, pictures often don’t do it justice. Thankfully, YouTube user Schmee150 was lucky enough to get a 225mph ride in 9exx after its record-breaking antics were over. Enjoy his video below:

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