New Spyder follows in the footsteps of the Speedster

P10_0104_a4Porsche has announced the new Boxster Spyder which, while not a 911, interests us because, in some ways, it’s the spiritual successor to the 911 Speedsters of old. Indeed, we’d argue it has rather more in common with the Speedster than it does its namesake, the Spyder.

Based on a Boxster, it has a simple (although watertight, says Porsche) hood and two Speedster-style humps behind the seats. It weighs just 1275kg which, combined with an output of 320bhp (10bhp up on the Boxster S), promised lively performance. Indeed, Porsche claims a 0-62mph time of 4.8 seconds and a top speed (with the roof open) of 166mph when the car is equipped with Sport Chrono and PDK.

The Spyder goes on sale in the UK next February priced at £44,643.

Click here to watch the Spyder in action

Comments (3)

  • Gotta tell; it looks pretty cool. ~But the word “Spyder” and “Speedster” holds special meaning for me, and dressing up a boxster and “tweaking” just doesnt cut it.

    If Porsche were serious about the “Spyder” and “Speedster” namesake; perhaps having something really special like what they did for the Carrera GT!

  • Yes, but you could argue that’s just what they did with the 911 Speedsters…

  • Yeah; but, when it was done for the 911 speedsters it had that charm of Porsche “trying” to do something new. Now, with such a diverse technology base, (which they really didnt have before) I just dont see why Porsche doesnt do a production run a’la Carerra GT, with a completely unique visual aesthetic and a power plant to suit the speedster/spyder heritage. I say, they build that first before they muck around with a new 928 or a 914 revival. ..just imagine a 550-esque or an “upside down” tub silhouette; with the ferocity of a turbo!

    Now heres a link of an artist rendition from the Pasadena Art Center:

    ..Just sayin…