Liberty Walk comes to Europe with widebody Porsche 997

If you’re told to think of widebody Porsche 911s from Japan your mind will, no doubt first stop at RWB (Rauh-Welt Begriff), Akira Nakai’s famous, flared-arch-loving company.

However, RWB isn’t the only Japanese tuner with an eye for exuberant bolt-on flares to have hit the big time. Over the past few years, Liberty Walk – founded by Wataru Kato – has been making waves, especially in the USA where his eye-catching designs have been showcased at the likes of SEMA.

Now, European Porsche owners will get the chance to create their own Liberty Walk 911 with the launch of LW’s widebody 997 kit, available in both carbon fibre and fibreglass.

LW 997 wing

The aggressively styled body kit can be bought in full (£13,533.33 for the CFRP version, £12,000 for the fibreglass) and can be specced with two choices of rear wing: the RS-style ‘big wing’ or a more traditional ducktail design, the latter saving around £1,000.

Each kit comes with front and rear bumpers (with diffuser), your choice of wing, the ubiquitous wide fenders, and side skirts, with Liberty Walk claiming that the “exceptional” mouldings make for “a relatively straightforward fit for any accomplished body-shop”.

Porsche 997 owners looking to stand out from the crowd can order kits now, with Liberty Walk UK keeping many in stock for immediate delivery. For more information, you can head to their European website here.

Are you a widebody Porsche 911 fan? Would you choose RWB or Libery Walk? Join the debate in the comments below, or head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages now.

LW 997 arches

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