Josh Webster interview part two

In part one of our interview with Josh Webster, the 2014 Porsche Carrera Cup GB scholar, we talked about his first impressions of the new 991 GT3 Cup car. Now, Total 911 finds out Josh’s favourite circuit, and investigates the support the scholarship program offers, especially to a driving switching across from single seater racing.

Which race are you looking forward to most this season?
There are a couple. My favourite circuit is Croft [in Yorkshire]. I just love that circuit and won there in Formula Renault.

It’s a shame that we miss Oulton Park, which is a good circuit, but we actually go to a better one: Le Mans, so I’m not going to complain! That will be the pinnacle though. I’ve never been there so, besides the racing, it will just be amazing to see what goes on there.

Josh Webster Carrera Cup GB media day

How big a role has Porsche played in your preparation ahead of this season?
I’ve been to the car training day (which goes through every single nut and bolt of the car). So, I know the car inside out, which I felt is important. It’s not very good driving a car and not knowing what’s underneath you. I also went to the Cosworth data system day; Porsche entered me into that just to get me learning which is fantastic.

I’ve also been training over with the boys at Porsche Human Performance at the Experience Centre. They’ve been getting me trimmed up and ready for the race season. They’ve [Porsche] had a really active role in getting me ready and I think they’ll continue guiding me, even once I’ve got more experience.

Is that the sort of support you were hoping for when you entered into the Scholarship?
Porsche are fantastic and you wouldn’t expect anything less. It’s important for them that they’re scholar does well. I feel really well prepared and I don’t think my performance today would have been so good if I hadn’t have prepared so well.

Do you see Porsche as a sensible career choice moving forward?
Yes. You need tens of millions to get to Formula One, but that’s not the reason I’ve changed [to GT racing]. I’ve always wanted to race for Porsche, and race in the Carrera Cup. I’ve always watched it and, for me, it is more exciting than Touring Cars: they are quick cars and they’re three seconds quicker than a BTCC car. It does feel good and I’m very fortunate to be here.

Josh Webster Porsche 911

Does the car feel as quick as a single seater?
Down the straights and when you arrive at a corner, yes. Then, of course, you don’t experience the g-force you experience in the GP3. In that sense, you’ve got  a bit more time to think about it. Everything is a little bit slower, so I think my experience in single seaters is helping me adapt because I have more time [to think].

How do you think you’ll adapt to the style of GT racing?
I think pretty well. It’s not too different to single seaters, it’s just that you’ve got a roof over your head and the cars are a bit bigger. The visibility is actually better, because you can look to the side through the windows, and you’ve got a middle mirror.

It’s just the contact. I know it is frowned upon, but you can get away with small bumps and scrapes whereas a single seater you would get damage straight away. I’m sure I’ll be fine, it is just about getting used to a bump here or there.

It looks like it will be a good season.
I’m confident, yes. It would be wrong for me to still be looking at it from a negative point of view. The pace does look good. We’ve just got to keep it going and use every bit of data to help. Although the pace is good, there is a bit in the car, and there is still a lot still within me.

Josh Webster Porsche pitlane

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