James May and his 911

I’m a big fan of James May. Out of the three Top Gear presenters, he’s the chap I’d enjoy chatting with over a pint or two, comparing notes on cars and childhood toys.

He also likes Porsche 911s and reveals in August’s Top Gear magazine that he’s just bought his second Carrera 3.2, with just 48,000 miles for £15,300. Very nice.

James goes on to give some basic advice on buying a 911 but then spoils it all by saying that ‘any pre-95 car will have the ancient and notoriously cussed 915 gearbox’. Oh dear, what he really means is pre 1987 cars. Imagine a 993 with a 915…

He then suggest that you don’t need to spend more than £15,000 on a ‘very good 2.3-litre 911’. Oh dear.

Still, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and blame the errors on shoddy editing. I’m sure James knows his 911s like the best of us. If not, he needs a subscription to T0tal 911…

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