Issue 63 is here!


Summer’s here and so is the new issue of Total 911, in print and electronic formats. Here are just some of the highlights:

Summertime 911s

In a celebration of sunshine, this is a special issue of open-top 911s. Targas, Cabriolets and Speedsters – old and new – are all true 911s and a lot of fun, too.

We also go for a drive somewhere very dull in a Targa, think again about the latest Cabriolet and road-test a 1980s 3.2 Cabriolet.

GT2 RS is here

…and it’s the wildest (and fastest) production 911 ever. We give you a sneak preview of what looks like a lot of fun, and a car that no one thought Porsche would build.

Porsche 959 vs Ferrari GTO

These two 1980s supercars stunned the world at their launch. The Porsche by its astonishing high-tech. The Ferrari by it sheer looks and verve. We pit them back to back in a back to the eighties showdown.

Mileage matters

Or does it? We check out a 177,000-mile 993 and dispel the myth that you should only buy low-mileage 911s.

912E gets a boost

The four-cylinder 912E was never going to set the world alight, but add a 204bhp SC engine and it all begins to get interesting.


Why the first Turbo was such a significant 911

Cool products for 911 owners

Porsche news and comment

And much, much more…

Read Total 911 on the iPhone and iPad!

Apple’s iPad is a great platform for reading magazines.

And that’s why Total 911 is one of the world’s first magazines – and certainly the first Porsche magazine – to be available on the iPad and iPhone.

What’s more, you don’t have to wait for an iPad to enjoy Total 911 digitally. You can download the app to your iPhone or iPod Touch today and enjoy the benefits. And when you get your iPad you simply transfer the app to it to see your favourite Porsche magazine on the glorious big screen.

You can flick through the pages, zoom in, bookmark favourites and share features with your friends. It’s also a great way of carrying a number of issues with you.

We’ve lots of plans to add extra value features to the electronic edition of Total 911. Don’t worry, though – the high-quality print version will continue!

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