Total 911 Issue 49


Total 911 issue 49 is hot off the press and in UK shops now, or available online at www.total911.com Big news is a full report and first test of the all-new 997 GT3 MkII. It’s even better than we expected!

Other highlights in this issue of the world’s only Porsche 911 magazine include:

Do you need to spend £100,000 on a new 997 Turbo? We pit one against a £30,000 996 Turbo and discover that the latter is the supercar bargain of the year.

Hard to believe but the Carrera 4 has been with us for 20 years. We chart its history, including looking at the 959, from the 964 to today’s 997.

The 1960s were golden years for Porsche – with the first great successes on the racetrack. We chart the 911’s progress.

Brands Hatch is fast, hilly and fun – our detailed circuit guide shows you have to master it in your 911.

Plus, part two of our important PCCB investigation, Sebring 2009 race report and much more…

Not to be missed, so jump in your 911 and head to the shops. Or, go to www.total911.com to subscribe.

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