iPhone compatible car dock

There are plenty of docks and FM transmitters that link an iPod to your Porsche’s stereo but most don’t support charging of an iPhone.

However, we’ve now found one that does. The clumsily named CarDock FM Follow Me plugs into the cigarette socket (tricky but doable with a 997, fine with a 996) and is a charging cradle for an iPhone or iPod.

In addition, it links to the stereo via a small FM transmitter – simply tune your car radio the correct frequency.

Information about the iPod track being played is shown on a small screen on the dock and also on your car stereo’s RDS display.

CarDock is claimed to transmit speech from ‘some’ sat-nav apps. Sadly, though, it doesn’t work with our TomTom app.

What’s more, there’s noticeable interference from the phone over the FM radio, which is annoying.

CarDock is good but is no substitute for a real wired-in iPod link. It costs £49.99.image003

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