GT2 FS: Fearnsport build second model

In Total 911 issue 96, we showcased Fearnsport’s GT2 FS, a fantastic take on a 997 GT2 with GT2 RS performance. And, to prove the achievement wasn’t a one-off, Fearnsport have built a second GT2 FS, aimed at prospective owners wanting to eek even more from their own esteemed GT2. The second GT2 FS retains the pre-facelift rear end, …plus original five-studded hubs as apposed to centre-locking items.

For the full report on the GT2 FS, turn to our ‘GT2 reborn’ feature on page 16 of Total 911 issue 96, out now. To purchase a copy, visit the Imagine Shop at www.imagineshop.co.uk/magazines/total911.html, or download a digital edition for all platforms via the fabulous new GreatDigitalMags.com website. To enquire with Fearnsport direct, visit www.fearnsport.co.uk or call 01327 856993.

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