A87, Invergarry to Uig, UK

This Great Road, originally written by Ali Cusick, was featured in issue 89 of  Total 911.

When it comes to open roads, Scotland is littered with them. Starting in the eastern end at Invergarry by the central Lochs that diagonally split Scotland, this road is no different. Running fairly constantly towards the north-west, it continues towards the mainland coast at the Kyle of Lochalsh, then even further across the Isle of Skye, north to the ferry terminal at Uig. As far as Great Drives go, this is one to really get stuck into.

Granted, it is on a fairly major tourist run between ‘The South’ and the Highlands and Islands, but a large quantity of that traffic dies out around Fort William. After the left turn off the A82 at Invergarry, it can be surprising how little traffic there is.

We auggest this road because it not only satisfies our scenic itch, but contains two other elements that are vital to a 911 drive: bends and substantial length. The A87 generally takes on a weaving, rolling gait around each geographical obstacle for a full 50 miles if you want to stop at The Kyle of Lochalsh. If you want more of a workout, push on to Uig on Skye, and you’ll have pedalled for as good as 100 miles, and probably be grinning like a fool.

LOCATION: Invergarry Highland to Uig, Isle of Skye

LATITUDE: 57.0693 -4.7955

LENGTH OF DRIVE: 98.6 miles

Glen Garry viewpoint (Scotland-shaped Loch)
Sea Eagle feeding boat cruise, Portree
Talisker Distillery, Skye
Eilean Donan Castle

Ferry Inn Hotel, Uig

Edinbane Inn, Portree
01470 582414

Invergarry Hotel

The surface is good for the majority – in parts, excellent – and there are plenty of changes to keep you interested, as well as providing plenty in the way of driver challenge. It’s not a steady waft along a straight, level road, as we experience too often in day-to-day motoring. Here, you’ll point from one bend, push on for the next arc, and revel in setting the car up for the next section of curves, with raises in altitude and changes in views aplenty.

There will be slightly longer sight lines, affording safe and social overtaking opportunity, and a few 30 limits for spread out communities – find me 50 miles that don’t have those – but it will be those third gear bends that hold your attention. It is the perfect trip for feeling the car settle at positive throttle inputs; that momentary appreciation of what your 911 is all about.

The whole route is a lengthy jaunt, and if you expect all the trappings of modern life at Uig, or even at the Kyle of Lochalsh, you will be in for a shock. No one comes to this part of Scotland looking for fast food, a Holiday Inn and a nightclub. What you will find is a vibrant local community where rather than corporate blandness, the village pub will be alive with both character and characters, and superb local food will feature highly.

We did this run a few weeks ago, and at times couldn’t see a single car ahead of me, nor behind, for mile after mile. Sitting in the pub that evening appreciating a superb, peaty single malt whisky, we had to say to ourselves, who wouldn’t enjoy driving a 911 to a place like this?

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