Four aftermarket wheel choices for your Porsche 911

If you’re the sort of person who buys a Porsche 911 and immediately thinks about modifying (and not everyone does) then changing the wheels are probably high on your list of priorities. Whether you’ve got a pre-impact bumper classic or the latest 911 GT3 track weapon, here are four of the best aftermarket choices for your personalised Porsche.

Fuchsfelge – from £1,920 per set

Since 1992 when the design protection of the famous five-leaf wheels finally elapsed there have been many imitators of the original Fuchs wheel (first seen on the Porsche 911S in 1967).

However, if you want the real deal, Otto Fuchs AG are still producing the forged aluminium wheel with 17, 18, and 19-inch rims available for 964-type 911s through to 991s (with the use of a spacer).

Group 4 PAG-1 – from £336 per wheel
Group 4 PAG Campagnolo

Fuchs may have been the go-to wheel for competition 911s in the Seventies but there was another option: the Campagnolo 40802, often seen on the world’s rally stages.

Campagnolo may no longer produce wheels but UK company Group 4 build these stunning replicas. Cast in Italy and available in a range of widths, you may have noticed these 15-inch alloys on one or two Magnus Walker builds over the years.

HRE P43SC – from £1,678.80 per wheel

HRE’s exquisite wheel selection makes use of their motorsport know-how to produce lightweight, forged alloy rims perfect for any modern 911.

The P43SC item seen here in 20-inch form is also available in 19 and 21-inch sizes, with a total of 21 different finishes (plus a custom option). Made to order in the USA, they are uncompromisingly lavish with performance to match.

Cargraphic Performance 38 – price to be confirmed
Cargraphic 38

Wheel-4German parts manufacturer, Cargraphic make an incredible selection of aftermarket wheels, ready to fit to a range of Porsche 911s. This, the Performance 38, is their latest offering available in both five-bolt and centrelock fixings.

The forged alloy wheels are three-piece constructions and their design appears to borrow heavily from the BBS wheels found on the 997 GT3 Cup cars. The 20 and 21-inch wheels pictured here will fit all models of 991 from Carrera to Turbo S.

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