Five fantastic Porsche books for your library

It’s ‘Back to School’ season and, although most of us have long left formal education, you’re never too old to stop learning. That’s why we’ve put together this selection of new Porsche books to add to your library.

From buyer’s guides to autobiographies of legendary Porsche racers, our fantastic five should cater for all literary tastes:

Porsche 917: Archive And Works Catalogue – €98
IP DSC_4298

Rightly regarded as one of the greatest racing cars of all time, the Porsche 917 earned its place at the top table of Weissach icons with a glittering career.

Written by Walter Näher, this book charts the car’s entire history (from prototype to turbocharged Can-Am monster), complete with genuine factory drawings, documents and unpublished photographs, making it a must for any Porsche motorsport enthusiast.

One More Than 10: Singer And The Porsche 911 – $95
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Across its 276 pages, ‘One More Than 10’ tells the incredible story of Rob Dickinson’s switch from Britpop frontman to founder of Singer Vehicle Design, one of the most esteemed Porsche 911 restorers/modifiers in the world.

Full of lavish photos taken behind the scenes and of the finished articles, Dickinson’s tale is interwoven with expert interjections from the likes of Jay Leno and Jeff Zwart.

Timo Bernhard: The Story Of A Champion – €50
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Biographies of active sports people are a common phenomenon. But unlike some, Timo Bernhard’s story deserves to be told.

An overall winner at Le Mans, Sebring, Daytona and the Nürburgring, Peter Schäffner’s 284-page tome (written in German and English) tells the tale of Bernhard’s career from his earliest karting days through to his most recent FIA World Endurance Championship success with Porsche.

Porsche 911 (997): The Essential Buyer’s Guide – £12.99 each
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Written by marque expert, Adrian Streather, these new titles dedicated to the 997 Gen1 and Gen2 cars are the latest additions to Veloce Publishing’s Essential Buyer’s Guide series.

Taking you through every fine detail to check before you part with your hard-earned cash, each guide looks at which models would suit your driving habits and features in-depth checks to perform during an inspection.

Brian Redman: Daring Drivers, Deadly Tracks – £50
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A legend of Porsche’s golden motorsport era in the 1970s, Brian Redman is frank, funny and poignant in his new memoir Daring Drivers, Deadly Tracks (co-written by Jim Mullen).

Telling stories about some of the most fearsome racing cars ever made, Redman charts an incredible career that took him to the top step of the podium at some of the world’s most dangerous circuits.

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